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Here are the models working this week.

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  • Western/Grand: Suzie, Sarah, Laguna
  • North/Ashland: Maci, Sky, Brie, Liza
  • Milwaukee/Irving: Adele, Lilly
  • North Suburbs: Hanna
  • Schaumburg: Eve


  • Western/Grand: Bella, Dani, Sky, Adele, Lilly
  • North/Ashland: Liza, Maci, Alicia, Chevelle, Amber
  • Milwaukee/Irving: Sarah, Brie
  • North Suburbs: Salma, Danielle
  • Schaumburg: Salina


  • Western/Grand: Suzie, Sarah, Sky, Hanna, Liza
  • North/Ashland: Brie, Chevelle, Amber, Isabelle, Salma
  • Milwaukee/Irving: Maci, Adele, Eve, Luna, Danielle
  • North Suburbs: Emma, Salina
  • Schaumburg: Amelia, Dani
  • Oak Brook: Melissa


  • Western/Grand: Brie, Nikki, Amber, Chevelle
  • North/Ashland: Bella, Zara, Lilly, Emma, Hanna
  • Milwaukee/Irving: Maci, Sky, Sofia, Kim, Dani
  • North Suburbs: Sarah, Danielle
  • Schaumburg: Adele, NicoleĀ 


  • Western/Grand: Bella, Zara, Alicia
  • North/Ashland: Suzie, Maci, Brie
  • Milwaukee/Irving: Sky, Sofia, Danielle
  • North Suburbs: Chevelle, Amber, Amelia
  • Schaumburg: Emma, April


  • Western/Grand: Bella, Isabelle, April, Nicole
  • North/Ashland: Sky, Sofia, Danielle
  • Milwaukee/Irving: Chevelle, Amber
  • North Suburbs: Dani, Alicia
  • Schaumburg: Melissa


  • Western/Grand: Melissa, Chevelle, Amber
  • North/Ashland: Isabelle, Maci
  • Milwaukee/Irving: Belle, Suzie
  • North Suburbs: Sky, Sofia
  • Schaumburg: Aria